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Quick, Affordable 24/7 Remedial Services in Sydney

When property issues arise, immediate attention is often crucial to prevent further damage and escalating costs. Delays in addressing these problems can lead to more extensive repairs and higher expenses down the line. RJG GROUP PTY LTD understands the urgency of these situations, which is why we offer quick and affordable 24/7 remedial services across Sydney, NSW.

Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to respond, ensuring your property receives the prompt care it needs, any time of day or night. Whether it’s a sudden structural issue, water leakage, or any other emergency repair, you can count on our experts to provide timely and effective solutions to protect your property and peace of mind.

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When it comes to maintaining the safety and integrity of your property, having a trusted remedial building specialist nearby can make all the difference. RJG GROUP PTY LTD is your go-to provider for expert remedial services, offering local expertise and unparalleled customer care.

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    When property issues arise, call on the experts at RJG GROUP PTY LTD. We are ready to help you with your remedial requirement – Service Across Sydney.

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    RJG GROUP PTY LTD is here for you around the clock, offering prompt and reliable emergency remedial building services whenever you need them.


    Professional and Reliable Remedial Building Services

    At RJG GROUP PTY LTD, we pride ourselves on delivering professional and reliable remedial building services. Our skilled team addresses structural issues, waterproofing, and repairs with expertise and precision, ensuring your property remains safe and well-maintained.

    With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust RJG GROUP PTY LTD for dependable service and exceptional results.

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    Our Happy Customers

    FINALLY AN HONEST TRADESMEN. From the quote till the finished. Job this company was nothing short of professional, on budget and on time. I can’t recommend them enough. If you want the job done probably, call them

    Shuv Homsi

    Rob and the team at RJG did an amazing job renovating our ensuite and laundry. It result looks absolutely incredible, and everyone involved was a complete professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate.

    Michael Hadzic

    I couldn’t recommend Rob and Marco enough. Their professionalism, punctuality with the schedule and attention to detail ensured we got a top quality bathroom. They were always available, responsive and friendly which I also extend to the rest of his team. Love the new bathroom and thanks again for bringing our dream bathroom to life.

    Kayne Chu

    We couldn’t be happier with our new bathroom. We had so many issues with our old bathroom and these issues even caused problems during the renovation, however Rob and his team were able to quickly and professionally address all of them. They did an amazing job and Rob was with us at each step. He was upfront, knowledgeable and extremely approachable. If we have another bathroom to renovate, we wouldn’t hesitate to use RJG again

    Craig Martin

    Professionalism at its finest! Rob and his team renovated 3 of our bathrooms and we are both thrilled with how amazing it all turned out.

    From day 1 Rob held our hands the whole way. His process has been thoroughly thought out and implemented and everything went ahead of schedule. I had no idea there were builders that operated so methodically.

    His hand selected tradesman were all professional, prompt and completed all works to a high standard. We have already engaged Rob for stage 2 and will not bother considering others.

    Mike Dogan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of remedial services does RJG GROUP PTY LTD offer?

    We offer a comprehensive range of services including structural repairs, waterproofing, brickwork repair, tiling, roof maintenance, floor repairs, joint sealants, leak detection, rising damp treatment, cavity flashing repairs, and more.

    Are your remedial services available 24/7?

    Yes, RJG GROUP PTY LTD provides 24/7 emergency remedial services across Sydney, NSW, ensuring prompt and reliable solutions for any urgent property issues.

    How do you detect leaks in a property?

    Our team uses advanced technology for leak detection and provides in-depth reports detailing the source and extent of the leak, along with recommended solutions.

    What is rising damp, and how do you treat it?

    Rising damp is moisture that travels up through walls from the ground. We treat it using damp-proofing courses and membranes to prevent further moisture ingress and damage.

    Can you repair leaks around doors and windows?

    Yes, we specialise in repairing leaks around doors and windows to prevent water ingress and maintain a dry, secure interior.

    What is concrete spalling, and how do you address it?

    Concrete spalling, or concrete cancer, is the flaking or breaking of concrete. We treat it by removing damaged concrete, treating corroded steel reinforcements, and restoring the structure’s integrity.

    How do you handle roof maintenance and repairs?

    Our roof maintenance services include thorough inspections, fixing leaks, replacing damaged tiles, and ensuring the overall health of your roof to protect your property from the elements.

    What is crack stitching, and when is it needed?

    Crack stitching involves reinforcing and repairing cracks in walls or structures to restore stability. It’s needed when cracks compromise the structural integrity of a building.

    Do you provide services for leaking bathrooms, balconies, and rooftops?

    Yes, we offer specialised repair services for leaking bathrooms, balconies, and rooftops, addressing and resolving the issues to prevent further damage.

    How can I schedule a remedial service with RJG GROUP PTY LTD?

    You can easily schedule an appointment by contacting us online or by phone. Our team will coordinate with you to arrange a convenient time and ensure your property’s issues are promptly addressed.

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